More Freebies, More Fun! :)

We won two (Yes 2!) promos from our videographer, Aisle 1401! :)

First was on June 05, 2013 when they had their free prenup promo with Not Your Ordinary Images|NYOI for 3 lucky w@wies.  Super excited with this since it is scheduled on August 3, 2013.

The second contest we won was their STD (Save the Date) promo.  It was like a fastest finger game since they'll be giving the first 5 booked weddings with STD.  They started the contest at around 9:30pm and confirmed the 5 winners after an hour! Glad that we had our spot on those first 5 winners! :)

What really surprised me is when I told Ser that we won an STD, he immediately became excited with that! I asked him kung naiintindihan niya ang STD, he answered Oo naman! Save the Something D!haha.. ayun naman pala.. I pays ang walang humpay kong paliwanag sa kanya ng ABCs of wedding preparations! hahaha! :)

Looking forward to these freebies! :)


W@W L♥ve from w@wie friends! :)

What will you feel kung ganito ang makukuha mong sagot from the supplier that you're planning to book? :)

I was super surprised when I received this message!  :)

Side Kwento:

This supplier had a promo that will end on Sunday.  I was talking to my friends from w@w (Aiza, Tine and Nat) that I'm torn if I'll get this supplier or the one that I really want.  Both kasi has good reviews and good portfolio. 

After thorough thinking (Yes! thorough talaga!hahaha), savings talaga ang nagprevail.  So I told them that decided na kaming i-book yung supplier but then, BPI yung account niya and napakahaba ng pila sa BPI nearest our place so I was thinking baka hindi na namin siya ma-book before Sunday.  Luckily, Tine told me she can do the transfer muna with this supplier then give her the payment on our convenient time. :)

So I messaged this supplier and yun ang nareceive kong reply.  :)

Aren't they sweet?! :)


My month is on its way! :)

Okey! So Its the first day of May. My month. Why? Cause its my birth month and our anniversary month!hihi.. :)

So, to celebrate the first day of my Month, I'll be sharing some of my favorite boudoir photos! :)

Credits to Boudoir le Blanc.

Heather, Tooney and Tina made this boudoir super fun! Should we have extra budget, I will have my own shoot..hihi.. :)

Happythoughts! :)


Venue #2

Since we're on the Saving side for the preps, Ser and I decided to check out other reception venue aside from Rosemont.  Upon Searching the net, I came across Beatriz Garden.  So we asked our friends (members of the ento) if they could accompany us in going there and they agreed.  

So this day, we went to Tagaytay! :)

First Stop: Caleruega Transfiguration Chapel.

So this is how Caleruega looks like after the wedding.. :)

When we arrived at Caleruega, a wedding ceremony has just ended.  We were able to see the photo ops after the ceremony.  [Grabe feeling ko kapagod yung ganun!hihi.. :)]

I also saw Ms. Abby, our Coord from KTG! What a small world, right?  I asked Ms. Abby where the reception is, she told me "Rosemont!" hahaha! [parang madami na silang Rosemont weddings :)] 

I was shy that they may caught me taking pic of the wedding but I can't resist it so I took a picture of the bouquet instead.. :)

The Bouquet

Second Stop: Plaza de Aza 

After maki-chikka with the photo ops, we checked Plaza de Aza to see if we could have the reception there.  

Plaza de Aza 

Plaza de Aza 

Plaza de Aza & Tuktok (Roofdeck)
  • Php40,000.00
  • within Caleruega Compound
  • 200 pax seating capacity
  • Restriction: 3PM only for morning weddings; 9PM only for afternnon weddings and 11PM only for evening wedding.

Third Stop: Beatriz Garden

Ma'am Beatriz was sooo kind!  Always helpful! She answered our inquiries and gave us tips on the areas in the garden. Makweto so hindi kami na-bore.  Our friends looove the place..  We love it too! :)

Ang ayoko lang sa experience ko with Beatriz Garden is when Mami Betty (this is what we call Ma'am Beatriz..hihi) is when she saw me she immediately asked, "Ilang taon ka na ba?"  when I answered her with my age, she said, "akala ko teenager ka pa, bawal sana..hahaha!"  I don't know if I'll be flattered or what with this..hahaha! :)


The Cocktail Area

Room for 20pax for 10k only

With fireplace ang peg :)

The Kitchen

The Stairs for the Grand Entrance
Second Part

Third part (still undergoing construction)
View of the place from the Grand Entrance Stairs

  • Php35000.00 (venue)
  • 20mins away from Caleruega (it took us 30mins kasi mabagal yung nasa harap namin nung galing kami sa Caleruega then medyo naligaw kami.. :)
  • Approximately 300 pax seating capacity (assumption ko lang :))
  • Bridal Room is Php3500.00, other 2 big rooms Php3000.00
  • New rooms (Undergoing construction) Php2500.00
  • Only 10 plates are allowed to be washed. (Mahal ang tubig sa tagaytay)
  • Other improvements are on going (such as lights in stairs, decors, etc)

Last Stop: Memory Lane

Our super late Lunch! It was worth it! I love Kare-kare!  Though medyo pricey. :)

We also stopped by 711 to buy ice cream..We were not able to have desserts kasi mahal na sa Memory Lane.

It was a really fun Tagaytay Trip with Friends! :)


Food Tasting with Queensland Catering Services

Since our problem with our booked Caterer is still not settled, we opted to try other Caterers.  We wanted to try QCS'  food to check if the affordable rate is worth it.  While waiting for the FT to start, Ser saw his cousin.  They are also trying to pick QCS because of the affordable rates.  His cousin will get married January 2014, so if ever we'll be getting QCS, we'll have the same Caterer..hihi.. :)

The food was good! It was almost the same quality as the booked Caterer but I'm having second thoughts on their styling.  There was an ongoing wedding in the Garden while we're having FT in the 2nd floor.  I may say that the styling was tooooooooo basic that I need to upgrade it.  

Food: Good
Styling: Not Good.  Need to upgrade styling.  Should we upgrade the styling, it will still cost a little cheaper than  than booked Caterer.

My Fave are Sotanghon in Garlic and the Salmon!  Ser says his fave are Salmon, Roast Beef and Lumpia. :)

Here are some of the food we've tasted.

Ser was okay with QCS but I'm still looking for other options..hihi :)


My First Ever DIY...trial :)

Mini version of our LOVE block letters

Today, Ser and I were able to commit to have a trial version for what we'll be doing on our actual DIY sessions.  First stop, our L-O-V-E block letters.  I found cheap block letters in NBS but letters O and E are always missing! I finally gave up after checking more than 5 branches of NBS.  Haha!  

Cutting letter "L" is not that hard! I'm looking forward to cutting letter "O"! hahaha! We run out of "pisi" so I have to stop from there.

Hoping to have a beautiful craft afterwards! :)


Another Caterer Dilemma.. :(

What will you do when you go to the Grand Food Tasting of your booked Caterer then suddenly,  the person-in-charge told you that your wedding is not included on their list???!! As in list ng mga booked clients???!!!

That is what happened with us today.  Super sad.  I gave up Passion Cooks and stick to this Caterer to be able to save but then, I received news as bad as this? :(

This Caterer is one of the major sponsors of this Bridal Fair in MOA.  They will be having a Grand Food Tasting so I texted our AE, Carlo, to include us on their FT so that we will be able to include other dishes to our menu choices. He replied immediately telling we can go to the FT but he'll not be there.  He informed us to look for Jedd instead.  He said he notified Jedd that we'll be coming so we were confident that there will be no problem when we get there.

Come FT day, we went there, asked for Jedd then suddenly, he seemed confused or something.  Then he ask Ms. Magda (I think she's his boss) to talk to us.  They told us that Carlo resigned as their AE months ago and our reservation was not included on the turn over list that Carlo made.  She said we don't have to worry since they have same issues with other couples. I was like WHAT????!!!! (Pero siyempre sa utak ko lang yan..hahaha! Di pwedeng magalit agad agad.. )

They told us to go to their office within the week to settle the problem and we need to present the original receipt or contract as proof.  Since I'd like to settle everything today I told Ms. Magda that we'll get the receipt and contract  and be back in an hour. We went home (I'm living in Pasay kaya malakas loob ko!hahaha) and got the docs and presented it to them. They even asked the Chef who signed the contract if it is his penmanship.  She even told us that the contract price was around 10k short in their computation. But Ms. Magda guaranteed that the contract price will not change.

In the back of my mind, while this was happening, I'm having some self-pity moment.  Para akong nagmamakaawa nito.. I'm close to crying na!  Good thing Ser is always calm kahit nakakapressure ang moment.. Imagine, they only allow 3 weddings in a day, what will they do if in case they reached the max of 3 clients with the same date as ours today??! :(

Okay they made us eat twice, 1 in the morning then the 2nd was when we were back to present our receipt abd contract.  We settled to be back from scratch and talk about it on our solo FT.  Since its getting late, we agreed.  Ms. Magda instructed me to text them later of our preferred date for FT and cc Jedd.

We went home texted them around 9pm, but until now, I haven't received any reply both from Jedd and MS. Magda.

Haaaaaaaaayyy.... Happy I was able to keep calm and hide my maldita side..hihi :)

What to do? I'm having second thoughts on them! :(